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Acupuncture Sydney CBD

Looking for Chinese Acupuncture in Sydney?

Dr David Lee is an accredited Chinese Acupuncture practitioner, treating a range of issues for clients in Sydney’s CBD and surrounds.

  • Over 12 years’ experience
  • Qualified Doctor
  • Accredited Acupuncture Practitioner
  • Central Sydney CBD location

Acupuncture with David

At David Lee Acupuncture, David will meet with you for a detailed consultation to come up with your individual treatment plan.

He will discuss with you your problem and medical history to identify the root cause of your issue.

He will work with you to identify whether there are any improvements that you can make to your lifestyle to avoid repeat injury.

David will explain your treatment plan to you prior to commencing your treatment.

For Acupuncture, a very fine needle is inserted into the energy point to unblock stagnated energy and restore balance.

The whole standard session will take about an hour.

It can take 2-3 days for the restoration of energy flow and re-balance to take effect, however we often have clients report immediate relief from discomfort following their session.

How do Acupuncture Needles work?

Unlike Western Medicine’s hypodermic needle, which is designed to penetrate and insert or extract content, Acupuncture needles are very small, and work by gliding through to part the skin and muscle tissues in order to touch and trigger designated energy points.

Since the size is much smaller there is little to no pain when the needle is inserted. 
All needles used are single used, sterile and TGA approved and are disposed of by a certified sharp disposal agency.

Along with needles, we may also combine other techniques to tailor the treatment plan to your specific needs. One of the techniques often combined with needle treatment is moxibustion. (also known as “moxa”)

For those looking for an alternative to moxibustion, we offer Electro Acupuncture, using a machine that emits currents to emulate the same benefits traditional acupuncture provides.

Why choose us

For Acupuncture in Sydney, don’t go past Dr. Lee. A qualified and accredited practitioner, Dr. Lee will ensure you have a comfortable treatment that is best suited to your health concerns.


We only use single-use, TGA approved needles. They are then disposed of via a certified sharp disposal agency.


We used sterile needles that are single-use for all treatments. We follow skin penetration regulations and strict hygiene practices.


With our contemporary clinic and state-of-the art equipment, you will experience the benefits of Traditional Chinese Medicine, in a modern, private, and comfortable setting.


Dr. Lee is a registered Acupuncture practitioner with over a decade of experience and qualifications in both Western Medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine.


Despite the use of needles, Acupuncture is virtually painless. You might feel a slight tingling sensation or warmth during your treatment, but most clients report feeling nothing at all.

What is Acupuncture?

Originating in China over 5000 years ago, Acupuncture offers a holistic approach to illness, treating both the symptoms and the cause of many ailments, as well as aiding in prevention. 

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the human body contains a life force known as “Qi”, 氣, which is integral to maintaining good health.

This “Qi” energy is believed to flow via pathways throughout the body referred to as “Meridians” or “Channels”, and any disruption to the supply or flow of this life force can result in disease or illness. 

The meridian network is a unique system of its own and travels through the entire body, encompassing every organ, cell, glands, and tendon.

Stress, diet, environmental causes, lifestyles, and other contributing factors can have a detrimental impact on your “Qi” and potentially block meridian pathways.

Acupuncture is a technique which uses the insertion of very fine needles at the meridian points to regulate and encourage the normal flow of “Qi” and restore harmony in the body.

By unblocking the meridian pathways through Acupuncture and other Chinese Medicine treatments, we are able to restore balance to the body and promote wellness and better health.


And by keeping the internal energy balanced, we are able to prevent build ups that may lead to a decline in health and general well being.


Even if the philosophies of Traditional Chinese Medicine are disputed by some experts, more and more scientific evidence is supporting the benefits of Acupuncture and other Chinese Medicine treatments.

Moxibustion and Acupuncture

At David Lee Acupuncture, we will look at your individual case and suggest whether to combine with moxibustion to enhance the unblocking energy effect of the needle.

In fact, in Chinese, the word acupuncture “zhen-jiu”, is written as “針灸”. The first character “針” stands for needle, and the second, “灸”, is moxibustion, showing just how interrelated this treatment can work together to help each other.

For centuries in China, acupuncture has been combined with moxibustion to provide a more comprehensive treatment to clients.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, it is believed that the acupuncture needle helps to clear the blockage within the body, while the moxa warms the energy to facilitate flow and balance.

You can learn more about Moxibustion by using the button below.

Chinese Acupuncture Sydney

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